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About Steve

Steve Young, is the Founder of Increase Club Profits. A successful entrepreneur and savvy business man, ICP is the third company he has launched into profitability. The first, called the Healthy Back Store, was begun in 1995. In a few short years this enterprise expanded into 25 locations with over 35 million in annual gross sales. From there, he founded Expense Reduction Experts which helps clients discover better ways of saving money in over twenty different expense categories, guaranteeing them an increase in profits while reducing the costs of doing business.

At a recent annual tradeshow convention, Steve began to talk with GM’s of privately owned clubs. Over and over he heard how complacency was expounding two worries – the reduction of membership in tough economic times and rising costs of doing business in the traditions that gives the club it’s fine reputation.

Thus, the two pronged approach of ICP was born. In order to address these two major issues that plague the golf course industry, Steve decided to tap into: 1) Modern, innovative ways to attract new golfers and members through innovative golf course marketing strategies. 2) Help golf courses and private country clubs reduce overhead without sacrificing quality or service through his cost reduction expertise.

Steve learned his unique systematic foundation and disciplined approach to business from serving our country in the Marines. A veteran of Desert Storm, this native of Kalamazoo, Michigan spent six years as a scout sniper, learning to think on his feet, lead others into and out of dangerous situations, and evaluate circumstances in a new light by blending military tradition with technology. He puts zeal and zest into every business venture, and treats each client with honor and integrity.

An avid golfer and athletic person in general, Steve enjoys getting to know the staff and developing fun, creative ways to boost competition for excellence between departments. He understands the ins and outs of management, the F&B and service industries as well as how to best oversee cost and inventory management, staff maintenance and customer satisfaction.

Each golf course or private country club is distinctive in its appeal and customs. Steve Young’s unique approach is to uphold time-honored methods, yet implement more effective ways to accomplish them.