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Methods to Reduce Costs

Increase Club Profits has saved golf courses and private country clubs millions of dollars over the last 12 years without compromising quality or service. We are not out to change your way of doing things, just to make sure each way is still as efficient today as it originally was. We offer a fresh look to determine what is working well and what can work even better.

Here are a few methods in which we may help your golf course or private country club run more cost effective -

Bill Analysis & Expense Recovery

  1. Analyze the past 36 months to discover any vendor errors, billing discrepancies and potential refunds.
  2. Review policies, programs and pricing issues with existing vendors.
  3. Identify those areas where savings can be initiated and credits can be obtained.

Rate Verification

  1. Consider alternative products, service and vendors that may provide savings without sacrificing quality.
  2. Establish unifying purchasing for greater buying power.
  3. Determine how competitive your current pricing is in comparison to others in the private club industry.
  4. Introduce streamlining procedures for greater efficiency.

Cost Management

  1. Implement client approved changes that help save money.
  2. Educate staff on how to incorporate these saving strategies into their duties.
  3. Work with current vendors and explore new avenues to minimize costs.
  4. Monitor vendors monthly to ensure continued savings.